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GHOST Bringing New Flavors To Their Lineup This Summer

GHOST summer flavors

GHOST has leaked information on their YouTube channel about plans to extend flavors across three products over the summer of 2019. GHOST Legend, their staple pre-workout will be receiving the flavor grapefruit, something not seen often in the industry. 

GHOST Pumps, one of FI's top rated pump powders, will be receiving a new flavor as well. GHOST Pump will add pineapple to their successful pump formula. Currently GHOST Pump sits inside of our top 5 rated pump powders.

Lastly, GHOST Size will be receiving lime as a flavor. GHOST Size is one of the best creatine formulas on the market with two forms of creatine, both fully transparent with yields posted.

This will make three new flavors on the brand over the next two months (July & August). Sign-up below for more information when these flavors become available. 

Fitness Informant's POV

GHOST Size and GHOST Pump are two of our favorite products from the brand. Both the pineapple and the lime flavor sound great. The timing in the summer is right for these types of flavors. Pineapple is one of the most popular fruits consumed in the world right now, so a smart move by the brand.

Legend is a very successful pre-workout from GHOST. Grapefruit is a flavor we have not seen before (to our recollection). We are not sure what to expect, but one thing we know about the GHOST team is they nail their flavors. More info to come when it comes available. 

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