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GHOST Oreo Fully Revealed

Well earlier we got the announcement that it was coming however we did not know how soon. The full reveal for GHOST Oreo is officially here, and we know that it will be launching in the very near future.

Oreo will be launching with GHOST Whey, which is their flagship protein powder. GHOST Whey is a fully transparent whey protein which includes WPC, WPI, and WPH.

GHOST has been teasing this launch for a VERY long time. Little hints on their “Building the Brand” series throughout the year were obvious to some. Of course, how were they really going to top Nutter Butter and Chips Ahoy?

Now that they have officially revealed the biggest collaboration in sports nutrition industry history, we wonder if there is anything that can really top this? Nutter Butter is cool, Chips Ahoy is awesome… but Oreo is simply EPIC… the true king of cookies in America!

Final Takeaway

We really can't think of a way for GHOST to top this. Chips Ahoy was thew biggest collaboration before this by far. Well now we have something that is bigger than that, in our eyes of course. We have our tubs ready, so expect a flavor test soon!

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