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GHOST Oreo Collab Revealed!

We now officially have the most epic collaboration in the supplement industry to date. Of course, the only brand that could bring something this epic to the table would be GHOST. 

While this long anticipated and hinted at in various “Building The Brand” episodes, today’s video officially revealed that an Oreo collaboration will officially be coming to the GHOST lineup! 

While we do not have a set launch date yet, we do know that this was long in the works, and is much more than your typical Cookies and Cream flavor. Be sure to stay tuned, as we have a lot more info on this coming soon!

Final Takeaway

This is a very big deal, probably the biggest jump in legitimacy in supplement industry history. Chips Ahoy was great, Nutter Butter was cool... this is just miles ahead of both of those launches. We have more info coming soon, so stay tuned!

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