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MuscleSport BCAA NRG “Firecracker” Flavor Coming Back

Well here we have some cool news from MuscleSport. With July 4th coming, the popular brand has decided to bring back a very popular flavor for their BCAA NRG Revolution product. As the title states, Firecracker is making a comeback! The flavor was well received last year, so it only makes sense for them to bring it back.

BCAA NRG Revolution is a BCAA product which also contains Caffeine. So not only does it help with recovery, it can also help with energy as well. Makes for an awesome replacement for an expensive energy drink.

Firecracker is set to come back this Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend. Very fitting we must say!

Be sure to stay tuned, as we have more cool news coming from MuscleSport here in the near future, and just know that MORE flavors are coming to BCAA NRG Revolution as well.

Final Takeaway

Kudos to MuscleSport for bringing this back. The flavor was well received last year, so bringing it back is a no brainer. We also know that more flavors are set to be launched along with this, so expect more news here soon!

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