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GHOST Pancake Batter Flavor Coming Soon to Vegan Protein Line

GHOST Pancake Batter

If you follow GHOST on social media platforms, you may have seen the brand tease a new flavor in their vegan line. Coming this April will be Pancake Batter from the brand on their vegan protein line. 

Pancake Batter Protein GHOSTGHOST has led the way in flavor innovation with their licensing deals with companies such as Warheads and their announcement earlier this year of their deal with Welch’s Grape Juice. The announcement of Pancake Batter is unique because it comes to a category in which hasn’t always been flavor first: vegan protein.

Pancake Batter vegan protein from GHOST will feature 20g protein per serving from pea, pumpkin and watermelon seed protein (unique).

The official launch of the newest flavor of the vegan protein is scheduled for the first half of April. It will be available via their website.

Fitness Informant’s POV

The one knock I hear from people close to me who use vegan proteins are that they are not taste-first. If GHOST has created a flavor that tastes amazing, they are going to attract a lot of new people to their brand. Pancake Batter sounds amazing in general that I would like to see this expand to their GHOST Whey product as well. It will be interesting to try this product. I have never had a vegan protein before, but this flavor makes me want to try it.

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