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GHOST X Sour Strips Sour Candy Collaboration Launches

By September 9, 2023No Comments
GHOST X Sour Strips

GHOST and Maxx Chewning are back at it again, only this time in a whole new way. Longtime advocate, fan, friend, influencer, family member Maxx Chewning started his own company called Sour Strips, a delicious candy, that is now being featured by GHOST as a flavor across four products.

GHOST X Sour Strips Rainbow Candy is officially here in four products. Fans are going to get GHOST Legend pre-workout, GHOST Pump, GHOST Size and, of course, GHOST Energy.

GHOST takes it a step further that each powder has its own distinct color (colors of the rainbow). Customers will notice blue, red and yellow between the three but the flavoring is the same.

Much like many of the collaborations of the past, GHOST puts a twist on the formula for GHOST Legend. GHOST adds 254mg Vaso-Drive AP to this version of Legend versus their existing version in market. GHOST Legend X Sour Strips will also feature the rest of the V3 formula.

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Final Takeaway

We've tried this flavor and are big fans. If you like candy-like flavors, this is going to be one you will want to try. We have yet to try the Energy, but the performance powders are nicely done - which is no surprise as GHOST typically nails their powders.

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GHOST X Sour Strips

GHOST X Sour Strips Sour Candy Collaboration Launches

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