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GHOST Launches Swedish Fish Legend V2

Well, we have another awesome launch from GHOST, and this time, it is a new flavor. Legend V2 is GHOST’s reformulated pre-workout, which was just launch a couple of weeks ago. Well, it is already being expanded upon.

The new flavor is Swedish Fish, which from what we have heard, is the owner’s favorite flavor. Swedish Fish was introduced a couple of years ago with BCAA, and was also launched with Gamer. Well, it must be doing well enough to be added to the Legend lineup, and this is simply awesome to see.

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Final Takeaway

Nice addition to the line here, and we have to say... about time! Swedish Fish is certainly a unique flavor that many brands have tried. With that said, only GHOST has seemed to have nailed this flavor so far. Excited to see how this one does.

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GHOST To Launch Swedish Fish Legend V2

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