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GHOST To Launch Swedish Fish Legend V2

GHOST has been on a roll lately. Not only did they just launch Legend V2 and Pump V2, as well as two awesome flavors to the Gamer line (Sonic Cherry Limeade and Ocean Water), we now have another new awesome launch coming soon.

As the title states, GHOST will be launching their new Legend V2 in a Swedish Fish flavor. Swedish fish was introduced quite some time ago with BCAA, and was eventually introduced to GHOST Gamer. From what we’ve been told, it is the Dan L’s favorite. 

Be sure to stay tuned for a launch article, and some more news coming from GHOST.

Final Takeaway

Nice addition to the line here, and we have to say... about time! Swedish Fish is certainly a unique flavor that many brands have tried. With that said, only GHOST has seemed to have nailed this flavor so far. Excited to see how this one does.

GHOST Launches Swedish Fish Legend V2
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