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GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! Update

One of the most anticipated protein launches in the history of the category came from our friends at GHOST. In the summer of 2019 the brand launched a collaboration with Chips Ahoy! bringing us GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! The anticipation was so high that they sold out of their stock in just 9 minutes.

Unfortunately not everyone was pleased with their unit of GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! Multiple customers complained of an "off taste" with their unit of GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! GHOST handled the situation with some of the best customer service we had ever seen. They replaced all dissatisfied customers units for free, no questions asked. They worked with their preferred retail partner, GNC, to do the exact same. What could have been a very bad situation was rectified by the brand's desire to be #1.

So, what went wrong? This was the question that drove the team at GHOST crazy. It was determined that during the production of the protein, the real pieces of Chips Ahoy! cookie were actually ground up with the protein powder, instead of added in as an "inclusion." This cookie "powder" essentially led to an off taste that these consumers complained about. Not all units were impacted, only some of them.

If consumers still experience this issue with the current stock of GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy!, the brand and GNC will continue to replace the units for free with proof of purchase.

We were sent a newly produced version of GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! that just came off the line in Tennessee this week (October 2nd). In the video above we explain the noticable difference between the original from the summer and the new one we just received.

The original still had cookie inclusions, but it also had that "cookie dust" we mentioned above. This made the protein power a darker color. In the new version we received, this is not the case. The base of the protein powder, they whey protein, is the color it was intended to be, almost vanilla like in color. The newly produced GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! still had inclusions as well. The result was a noticeably better tasting protein powder. 

Unfortunately these things can happen in business and manufacturing. The important thing to remember is GHOST owned up to it, rectified the situation and took the proper steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.

We can vouch that the GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! we just received, the way it was intended to be, is one of the best tasting protein powders you'll ever try. The new GHOST Whey Chips Ahoy! will be released later in October.

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Fitness Informant's POV

Being a head of a business I understand how important customer service is. Kudos to Dan, Ryan and the whole team at GHOST for owning this issue. They could have easily pointed the finger at someone, but they didn't. The product has their logo on it, they accepted responsibility.

I can truthfully say that this is the way a business should operate. The identified an issue, rectified it and adapted changes to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Trust me, you will really enjoy the new Chips Ahoy! GHOST Whey which will come out in a couple weeks.

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