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Revive MD Kidney Rx: Protect Them Now So You’re Not Forced To Later

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Did you know that unlike your liver, your kidneys cannot repair themselves? Did that catch your attention? We hope so, because it’s actually quite an overlooked aspect to health among the general population. Actually, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the prevalence of CKD is 14% in the United States (more info). According to the same source, blood pressure and diabetes are the main causes of CKD. 

This is where Revive MD comes in, as they have put together quite the product for the purpose of keeping your kidneys healthy. As you’ll notice in this write-up, blood pressure and blood glucose levels are going to be the key towards aiding in healthy kidney function, makes sense when you consider what was mentioned above. One thing to remember about your kidneys is that if you don’t take care of them now, you will be forced to take care of them later.

Why Use Revive MD Kidney Rx

With the amount of stimulants and other various blood pressure increasing ingredients we as lifters put into our bodies, it would be wise, instead of simply being concerned with the aesthetics of our bodies for the perception of health, that we also try to take a look on the inside. This is where Revive MD has your best interest in mind. 

Revive MD Kidney Rx

Revive MD Kidney Rx was designed to help keep your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in line to take care of your kidneys today, not when it’s too late.

Kidney Rx label

Organic Astragalus Powder (Root) – 4g

Revive starts us off with a rather underrated, yet effective ingredient. Astragalus is a noted diuretic. Diuretics can be beneficial for lowering blood pressure, and are often one of the first drugs given to people for that purpose. To keep it simple, diuretics help your body excrete excess sodium and water, thus leading to lower blood pressure. A meta-analysis showed that Astragalus has great potential for the treatment of CKD (chronic kidney disease). 

On the topic of Astragalus, this herb has also been shown to be beneficial for the purpose of healthy blood sugar levels, and is commonly used in China for that purpose. 

Revive MD put 4 grams of the root powder in this product, which is a solid dose when taken over the course of the day.

Organic Beet Root Extract – 3g

Now we have Beet Root Extract. This ingredient is actually quite popular, as it is known for its nitrate content. Nitrates are a surefire way to reduce blood pressure. A study done on humans consuming 500mL of Beet Root juice showed a significant reduction in blood pressure. 

Since reducing blood pressure is one of the goals with this product, it makes sense to see Beet Root Extract here. In a study done on rodents, Beet Root was shown to reduce oxidative stress and kidney inflammation. 

At 3 grams, Revive MD Kidney provides a solid amount to aid in lowering blood pressure.

Grape Seed Extract – 1g

Grape Seed Extract is a very popular ingredient for the purpose of reducing blood pressure. It is known as an antioxidant, and has been studied and shown to be beneficial for lowering blood pressure.

Revive MD Kidney has 1 gram of it in here, which is more than enough to be beneficial.    

Pine Bark – 150mg

Next up, we have Pine Bark Extract. While it is popular on the health side of the nutrition industry, it isn’t quite as popular among lifters, although it should be. 

Pine Bark is a known antioxidant and has multiple studies showing its benefits. One study done on 48 individuals showed that Pine Bark Extract was effective at lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It was also shown to lower fasting blood sugar levels. 

We get 150mg of Pine Bark Extract in Revive MD Kidney, which is a solid dose. 

AstraGin® – 50mg

AstraGin is an ingredient from NuLiv Sciences that aids in ingredient and nutrient absorption.

BioPerine® – 10mg

BioPerine® is another ingredient added to increase absorption of Revive’s Kidney ingredients. 

Final Takeaway

As stated at the beginning, unlike your liver, your kidneys do not repair themselves after damage is done to them. While proper hydration, exercise, and healthy eating habits are steps everyone should take to ensure optimal kidney health, Revive MD has certainly put together a product that can be beneficial to just about anyone concerned with optimal kidney function. 

By taking care of your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, you’re doing your kidneys (and your body for that matter) a great favor. Revive MD Kidney has a solid profile, containing underrated ingredients such as Astragalus and Pine Bark Extract, while also fine-tuning it to make sure you’re absorbing it by adding AstraGin® and BioPerine®. 

Even for general health, Revive MD Kidney is a solid addition to your daily supplement regimen, and should certainly be in consideration over a pre-workout or thermogenic when you’re in the market for supplements. 

Kidney Rx

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