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Glaxon Launches A Limited Amount of Anomaly for New Years

By December 31, 2021No Comments
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Glaxon Anomaly

New Year, New You comes early from Glaxon. The brand has launched a very limited amount, 150 bottles,  of their Anomaly product designed to retain your gains on a caloric restriction or cutting phase.

Glaxon Anomaly LabelAnomaly is a unique product consisting of two single ingredients that are anti-catabolic. In simpler terms, using this product will help you retain the muscle mass you earned while you are in a cut phase or deficit.  The formula features 2,400mg PeptiStrong (Fava Bean). PeptiStrong is from the minds at Nuritas. Nuritas completed studies that show several key qualities. Muscle biopsies demonstrate PeptiStrong increases the number of fibers in the muscle indicating regeneration and/or decreases in muscle atrophy.  These same muscle biopsies demonstrate PeptiStrong increases Type I & II muscle fibers in the muscle indicating regeneration. Using PeptiStrong has shown to increase MPS by 80% and a reduction in muscle loss by 54.3%.

The second ingredient is 500mg GG-Gold (Geranylgeraniol). GG-Gold is from American River Nutrition. Geranylgeraniol (GG) is an endogenous nutrient in our body that declines as we age. It is essential for protein synthesis and the production of testosterone, progesterone, CoQ10 and MK4. Research suggests that replenishing GG exogenously can maintain muscle health and function. As you train in a deficit or high intensity, you need to replenish Geranylgeranioil.

This product is a first come, first serve basis from Glaxon. Use code INFORMANT to save 20%.

Use code INFORMANT to save 20%

Final Takeaway

I have been using this product for the better part of the past week. There are days where I unintentionally am in a deficit, plus I train at a high intensity, so for me this is a failsafe. This is a great product, with great research, for those whole turn from bulk to cut and want to maintain their muscle mass.

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