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Glaxon Supplements Coming to GNC

FIt Butters
Glaxon GNC

The 2020 Fitness Informant Breakout Brand of the Year, Glaxon, is coming to a GNC near you. It has been confirmed that Glaxon supplements will start trickling into GNC stores across the country in the next several months, with a majority of the line available at the major retailer by year's end.

We do not have specifics on which products will be available at GNC, but can confirm that their top rated pre-workout Specimen will be available on store shelves. We are also told from a representative at Glaxon that something huge is coming to GNC from Glaxon that has not been released yet.

More info to come on this new partnership.

Final Takeaway

Not shocked to see Glaxon make their way into "major" retail. GNC has been struggling but has seen great success with "cool" brands like GHOST and Alani Nu. Those within GNC want the retailer to bring in more "here and now" brands and Glaxon fits that mold completely.  We are curious as to what the "major" launch will be with GNC but time will tell.

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