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Somagen Helps You Catch ZZZ’s With Zylaria

Morphogen Nutrition Somagen is another product from Morphogen that simply screams “Loaded”. After a week of use, we already knew it would be on our sleep aid ranking guide. Morphogen has a reputation of formulating products that not only look good on a label, but also work as well as any other product on the market. You can tell they aren’t afraid to try out new ingredients, and this is apparent in Somagen with it being one of the early adopters of Zylaria. Zylaria is an ingredient from NuLiv that we have covered here extensively on Fitness Informant. It is a patented ingredient that has a variety of benefits, with relaxation and sleep being at the forefront.


Zylaria is derived from Xylaria nigripes, which is actually a fungus that grows in the Spring and Summer. It is a proprietary extract produced by a patented fermentation process. Xylaria was first used in traditional Chinese medicine. It actually grows alongside the folds of termites nests, and is their source of nutrients.

Zylaria is meant to aid with relaxation and sleep quality, and is supported by in-vivo studies and human clinical trials.

Zylaria™ and GABA

Now the main reason you will find Zylaria in sleep aids is due to it being a natural source of GABA. GABA is the most abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, and is one of the most common ingredients in sleep aids. It acts as a sedative and is needed for relaxation. A study has shown that people with lower GABA levels tend to have a higher likelihood of suffering from insomnia. GABA has also been shown to be beneficial for the treatment of anxiety. To put it simply, it is an anxiolytic.

So we now know that GABA is beneficial, and with Zylaria being a natural source of it along with other nutrients, you will certainly be finding brands to go with Zylaria over regular GABA, as it simply provides more. 

At 500mg in Somagen, you are getting a solid dose to aid with the uptake of GABA.

Zylaria™ and Relaxation

So on the front of Somagen, you may notice it sports the word “Anti-Anxiety”, which is something people should be looking for when it comes to a sleep aid. Let’s be honest here, everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, and it is actually VERY necessary. 

However, anxiety right before bed is when it can be detrimental. We’ve all experienced it at least a few times in our lives. Try going to bed with your mind racing… perhaps thinking of a big project for work you have little time to do. Well, this is where Zylaria may be able to help you. 

As we talked about above, GABA is an anxiolytic, which is why many take GABA before bed. The term “winding down” comes to play here, and Zylaria certainly does a good job of doing that. 

Somagen does well in this category, as it can prevent your mind from racing or wandering off as you try to get into a relaxed state before bed, and Zylaria plays a role in that. A big part of a good nights sleep comes down to what you do before you actually lay down and close your eyes.

Zylaria™ and Depression

Now on the back of Somagen you will find the claim “Alleviate acute depression and anxiety”. We went over the anxiety portion above, but what about depression? Depression is a serious issue these days, with 6.7 adults having at least one major depressive episode in 2016,  according to the National Institute of Mental Health. 

Well Somagen may be able to help here, not only by providing a good night’s sleep, but also with a study done on Zylaria. 

According to a randomized, placebo controlled, double-blind study done on 104 patients with epilepsy, subjects either got Xylaria or a placebo for 12 weeks. The results of the study showed that Xylaria was effective at alleviating depressive symptoms when compared to a placebo. 

Zylaria™ and Morphogen Nutrition’s Somagen

Somagen is one of the top sleep aids on the market these days, and it will certainly outperform any melatonin pills many people take out there. Morphogen to be one of the first brands to incorporate Zylaria in their loaded sleep formula was a great move. With many brands simply relying on high doses of Melatonin, which may result in brain fog as well as a groggy morning, Somagen is more thought out than that. 

A sleep aid, which not only helps your body get restful sleep, but one that can also help with getting you to sleep by reducing anxiety, is the way of the future. Sometimes, getting to sleep is the real battle, and Somagen along with Zylaria is a great way to win that battle.

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Curious in learning more about Zylaria™? Visit our Ingredient Education portal to learn about Zylaria's uses, side effects, interactions, dosage and supplements.

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