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Glaxon Goon Mode Nootropic Has Arrived

By November 11, 2021No Comments
Glaxon Goon Mode

Glaxon has launched their next-level nootropic called Goon Mode in two flavors: team red and team blue. Good Mode is an energy and focus supplement designed for those looking to improve productivity and the gamer nation.

Goon Mode SFPGlaxon Goon Mode features a well-rounded formula boding the new ingredient of Brain Factor-7. BF-7 is a a branded form of Silk Fibroin Peptide that has been proven to improve cognition and attention in subjects. In Good Mode we get 100mg per serving, with the recommendation of 200mg per day. Goon Mode is a 60-serving tub, so we recommend a 2-scoop serving size.

Goon Mode also features Choline L-Bitartrate (VitaCholine) at 337.5mg (675mg per 2-scoops) to improve focus. Tyrosine is also used at 250mg (500mg per 2-scoops). These cognitive enhancing (nootropic) ingredients combined with Caffeine Anhydrous at 62.5mg and Theobromine at 12.5mg will improve cognition while giving the user energy. The addition of Inositol at 125mg (250mg per 2-scoops) can elevate and enhance mood.

Glaxon also uses their trademarked Astrolyte blend along with English Ivy for hydration and better ability to breath.

Goon Mode is available now in Team Blue and Team Red flavors.

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Final Takeaway

This is a cool formula. I like the use of BF-7. I have not seen a formula with this yet outside of stand-alone products. For gamers, or even thouse who are looking to be more productive, this can be beneficial based on paper. Once we get this in we will test out the flavors and report our feedback to our IG channel.

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