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Glaxon Brings A Non-Stim Nootropic in Neuro 365 to Market

By November 11, 2021No Comments
Glaxon Neuro 365

Glaxon is busy on the day they deemed “Goon Day.” The brand already launched their powdered, stim-based nootropic Goon Mode. In addition, Glaxon is launching their non-stimulant nootropic Neuro 365 on the same day during their epic 35% off sale.

Goon Mode SFPNeuro 365 from Glaxon features a unique profile that could be a compliment to Goon Mode. The nootropic portion of the formula features 500mg Lion’s Mane. This is a mushroom that has been show to improve focus and clarity. Bacopa as Bacognize is dosed at 300mg for adaptogenic support targeting cognitive wellness, memory, learning, focus, attention, mood, stress management, emotional balance, and circadian rhythm support for improved quality of life and quality of sleep. Rhodiola is dosed at 250mg. This has been shown to fight fatigue. Neurofactor is dosed at a clinical dosage of 100mg. This has been shown to significantly increase levels of a key neuroprotein (BDNF) vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. The last ingredient in the nootropic portion of the formula is 100mg of Sabroxy. Sabroxy is a standardized extract prepared from the dried bark of the Indian trumpet tree. This has been shown to help improve memory and to support neuronal functions.

In the LTP factor portion of the formula, Glaxon uses D-Serine at 250mg. This has been shown to elevate mood and fight depression. Theanine, a mood enhancer, is used at 100mg. Sarcosine is dosed at 100mg, this also can elevate mood. Dimethyglycine at 100mg can potentially increase performance and energy levels. Wax Tree Extract at 50mg (standardized for 98% Fisethin) is an effective anti-oxidant

The formula also contains a Lipidox portion featuring 75mg Sunflower Lecithin and 25mg Ox Bile. 

Neuro 365 is currently on-sale as part of the Goon Day 35% off sale.

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Final Takeaway

This is a unique formula, much expected from Glaxon. Their formulator puts a lot of thought behind their formulations, this one is no different. Overall if you're trying to cut caffeine and stims, this is a nice option that may boost productivity.

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