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Performax Labs SlinMax Will Return With New Look & Formula

By November 16, 2021No Comments

Performax Labs continues their stretch of "new" product launches in their new look with the announcement of SlinMax. SlinMax is not new to the brand, but we are being told that this will be a new product in the sense that it has the updated look as well as an upgraded formula.

We have not been given any information on the new formula, but what we do know is SlinMax is a GDA, or Glucose Disposal Agent. These types of products help you better utilize your carb sources. The previous version of SlinMax featured Berberine at 200mg, Isolyn at 250mg, Banaba at 100mg and Chromium Picolinate at 250mcg on top of other ingredients.

We are looking forward to seeing the new formula, which we are told will be soon.

Final Takeaway

The OG SlinMax was highly touted by other review channels as one they really enjoyed. We never got to try it here at FI. We are looking forward to the new and, what we're told, improved version of SlinMax coming to us soon!

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