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Glaxon Launches Slyce, A Stimulant-Based Fat Burner

By October 29, 2021No Comments
Glaxon Slyce

The newest product launch from Glaxon is a stimulant based, capsule fat burning product called Slyce. Slyce is a 30-servings, 60 capsule product that is available now. 

Slyce Supplement Facts PanelSlyce will join Glaxon’s Thermal (non-stim powder) as the brand’s only designated fat burning products. The brand also has Xerion and Serenity which may aid in fat loss.

Slyce features a comprehensive, innovative formula with ingredients not seen often in fat burners currently on the market today. Each serving will contain the poular ingredients of Caffeine Anhydrous at 250mg, Paradoxine at 30mg, Kanna at 10mg and Rauwolfia Extract at .5mg. Other ingredients not seen often include aXivite, a form of Capsaicin at 100mg, Fucoxanthin at 100mg, Sichuan Peppercorn Powder at 100mg, Electric Daisy Extract (Acmella oleracea) at 100mg Evodiamine at 30mg and much more.

This is by far one of the most unique formulas we have seen released to date in the fat burning category.

Slyce is available now via Glaxon’s website.

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Final Takeaway

This is a comprehensive formula that will need some time to research each ingredient behind it before we can give you a full deep dive. We will be getting a bottle of this in to try and review as we are sure there will be a lot of interest. Knowing the formulator behind this brand we have a feeling this will be a very effective and very good fat burner.

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