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NutraBio Adds Cherry Limeade to Leg Day and Intra Blast

By October 29, 2021December 6th, 2021No Comments
NutraBio Intra Blast and Leg Day Cherry Linmeade

NutraBio is expanding their flavor selections on both Leg Day and Intra Blast, two powerful intra-workout supplements. Cherry Limeade, a popular NutraBio flavor that debuted in Alpha EAA, is now available in both Leg Day and Intra Blast.

Leg Day is NutraBio's intra-workout powerhouse that contains carbohydrates, EAAs and other branded ingredients designed to improve endurance and performance. Intra Blast is another EAA product that contains branded ingredients designed to improve performance, but does not contain added carbohydrates via HBCD.

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Final Takeaway

I love both of these products, and this is my favorite NutraBio flavor. Leg Day is designed more for those who are taking their intensity levels past 10. Intra Blast, which is awesome, is a more universal intra-workout product that is similar to Leg Day but without the added carbs and several other beneficial ingredients. Both are EAA (essential amino acid) products.

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