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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Acquires SupplementWarehouse.com

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SupplementWarehouse.com, once one of the largest players in the online retail space for supplements and vitamins has been acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

​Supplement Warehouse’s annual sales hit a high of $36 million drawing interest from large retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. They offered a unique price match guarantee which would not only match a competitors price on the same item, but also give you 5% off of that item to beat their price. Things seemed very promising for the company.

Supplement Warehouse’s sales eventually fell to $23 million per year.  With sales curtailing the company had another issue to deal with: internal theft. Police reports show that two men, who once worked for Supplement Warehouse, stole and sold over $600,000 in product including the popular OxyElite PRO fat burner from USP Labs. The financial burden on the company caused them to file bankruptcy in 2015.

Supplement Warehouse attempted to rebound from their bankruptcy through restructuring. However, that was not enough. The company moved out of their large Oak Creek, WI warehouse in late 2016 to settle in a smaller space in West Allis, WI. A short time after SupplementWarehouse.com closed their doors for good. Or so we thought.

SupplementWarehouse.com had not featured a single item on their website for the majority of 2017, until now. Upon review of SupplementWarehouse.com it appears the company has been acquired by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

SupplementWarehouse.com features only products from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals family of brands, which include Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, iForce Nutrition, APS Nutrition, LG Sciences and Gaspari Nutrition. The website also features a phone number and an address that both match the Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical website information.

We are unsure when this acquisition took place, but it will be interesting to see what Hi-Tech does with the dot com. Will they leverage the powerful domain to just sell Hi-Tech Pharmaceutical products? One would think so, but in this industry you just never know.

Hi-Tech is SupplementWarehouse.com
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