NutraBio To Publish All 3rd Party Test Results

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NutraBio just dropped some MAJOR news that will surely change the way supplement companies publish information about their products. NutraBio has a reputation for creating strong, quality products back by a fully disclosed label since the early 2000’s. For NutraBio’s CEO Mark Glazier it wasn’t merely enough to prove that they are one of the most transparent companies in the industry. On top of their fully disclosed labels, NutraBio is now going to release all third-party test results on all their products! Groundbreaking.

Many of you might thing that supplement companies already do this. They don’t. Many tout that their products are verified by third-party companies but very few ever publish those test results for their consumers to see. That all changes with NutraBio’s news today.

The following is a post from NutraBio’s CEO Mark Glazier:

“So you all know that all NutraBio supplements are tested by 3rd party independent labs before we ship them. Did anyone notice that I started posting those results back in January? If you purchased any of our protein products manufactured after December 31, 2016 you can enter the lot number on the website and view a copy of the results from the 3rd LAB analysis. All protein results are live along with about a third of all others products, and we are adding more every day.

Another NutraBio commitment to honesty integrity, and transparency. Every 3rd-Party Lab result for every raw ingredient and every finished products gets sent direct to my phone, so I can personally see them while my lab is processing them. I just received results for 7 products on my iPhone. All passed of course. We set the reference standard for quality in this industry. No Prop Blends, No fillers, Full therapeutic dosages, no scams and published 3rd party lab results. Some talk about changing the industry, we’ve been doing it for 21 years.”

NutraBio Testing

As if you needed another reason to purchase NutraBio products, this just validates you are making a wise, educated decision. We applaud Mark and his team at NutraBio for taking this step. Our hope is that this move by NutraBio will force others to follow suit.

If you’d like to see the test results on any of your NutraBio products you purchased in the past month you can go here: and type in the lot number.​

NOTE: not all products are in there at this time, but they are adding more and more and will eventually have everyone of their products.

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