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Infinis Nutrition Announces New Muscle Builder

By April 29, 2024June 19th, 2024No Comments

Infinis Nutrition hasn't slowed down when it comes to consistently releasing top tier products. The newest addition to their already impressive line up is a new natural anabolic called "Muscle Builder".

Infinis Nutrition Muscle Builder Supplement Facts

Infinis Nutrition has been consistent with their use of quality ingredients at optimal dosages. Muscle Builder from Infinis Nutrition follows that same design.

Pepsistrong – 2400mg InfinisMuscleBuilderSFP

PeptiStrong has been shown to improve recovery, performance and MPS over the standard milk protein. It is a branded ingredient from Nuritas. Studies also show that at around 2400mg, PeptiStrong increases both type 1 and type 2 muscle fibers. We all know an increase in muscle fibers = more muscle mass.

RipFactor – 650mg

RipFactor is a patent ingredient from PLT Health Solutions. Studies have show RipFactor to increase strength, endurance and muscle-mass in just 14-days. RipFactor is a blend of two extracts, that work together in synergy to promote better recovery, blood flow, activation of mTOR, promote muscle protein synthesis and prevent muscle breakdown.

Epicathechin – 200mg

In 2014, Epicathechin was studied as a myostatin inhibitor. As we age, our bodies produce more myostatin. Users were given epicatachin daily for 7-days and grip strength was monitored. The results showed high strength over the period of time while supplementing with epicatechin. The study concluded, aging has deleterious effects on modulators of muscle growth/differentiation, the consumption of modest amounts of the flavanol (−)-epicatechin can partially reverse these changes. 

In another study, six middle-aged people supplemented 1 mg of (-)-epicatechin per kg of body weight, twice a day. This translated to about 75 mg of (-)-epicatechin, twice a day, for a total daily dose of 150 mg.


Ursolic Acid – 135mg

Ursolic Acid is pretty basic. This is a phytochemical that is typically found in apple peels, and has been shown to both 1) increase muscle mass in a fed state and 2) preserve muscle mass AND optimize fat burning in a fasted state. Generally studies show around 150mg per day is sufficient for this determination. 

Apigenin – 25mg

Lasty, we have Apigenin. This ingredient is a bioflavonoid derived from the Matricaria recutita L plant, also known as chamomile. While more research is needed to validate any health claims, there is some evidence to suggest Apigenin reduces anxiety, oxidative stress, and inflammation while also improving brain function. 

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Final Takeaway on Infinis Muscle Builder

As with all the other Infinis Nutrition products this ingredient list really is top tier. While it may not have as many ingredients as we are use to seeing from Infinis, the ones it does have are more than enough. Very excited to see how this one stacks up.

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