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Inspired Nutraceuticals Offering Sample Packs of DVST8 Global and FSU Die Hard

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 and FSU Samples

Try it before you fully commit to it! Inspired Nutraceuticals have launched three different sample packs for customers to try both DVST8 Global and FSU Die Hard.

At the brand's official website, Inspired Nutraceuticals is offering a 3-pack of DVST8 Global, a 3-pack of FSU Die Hard or a 4-pack of DVST8 Global and FSU Die Hard. The three-packs are $5. The four-pack, combined sample pack is $6.

In the three-packs, users will get one of each flavor of either DVST8 Global or FSU Die Hard. The Prestige Pack (4-pack) may come in a variety of different flavors.

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Final Takeaway

I think the samples are a genius idea. I wish more companies would offer this. It gives us a chance to try a couple times before fully committing to a full unit. I can't imagine the samples will last long, considering the price point is very affordable for what you are getting.

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