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Merica Energy Alpine Pew Pew Is Here

Merica Energy Alpine Pew Pew

Merica Energy has officially launched their citrus based energy drink Alpine Pew Pew. The newest flavor joins the popular Merica Energy family that "relaunched" in the summer of 2021.

Alpine Pew Pew is the brand's take on citrus/lemon-lime flavoring. If you have had the powder flavor in their A-Bomb series you can anticipate the flavor in the can. Add some carbonation and BOOM (pun intended) you get the new Alpine Pew Pew Merica Energy.

Each can of Merica Energy is fully disclosed with 200mg Caffeine.

To find Merica Energy near you please visit a local supplement shop or you can buy online.

Final Takeaway

You can call this a take on Mountain Dew without calling it Mountain Dew. That's what I think of when I think of Alpine Pew Pew. The powder version was missing the carbonation that would put it closer to what people would imagine as Mountain Dew. The team at Merica Energy is trying to expand distribution so more users can find this at their local supplement shops and gyms.

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