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Inspired Nutraceuticals NEW Intra-Workout Endless Coming Soon!

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The brand that brought you our #1 rated pre-workout DVST8 White Cut is making another big splash on the scene with the announcement of two new intra-workout supplements, Inspired Nutraceuticals Endless. Details are few and far between at this time but we do have some interesting knowledge to drop regarding Endless.

We’ve been told that there will be two variations of Endless from Inspired Nutraceuticals​ a carbohydrate formula and a non-carbohydrate formula. Both variations will be released with only a single flavor at this time. The non-carbohydrate formula will be available in a 40-serving container. The carbohydrate formula will be available in a 20-serving container.

Inspired Nutraceuticals CEO Chris Waldrum is not releasing the ingredient panel of either at this time but we do have some details regarding the carbohydrate formula. It appears the majority of the carbs in this formula will be ​highly branched cyclic dextrin, one of the highest quality carb sources you can have.

​Endless sets out to change the intra-workout game with a focus on increasing your body’s ATP, increasing hydration and increasing your VO2 max. If we know anything about CEO Chris Waldrum it is that he won’t come up short on his promises.

The release date of Endless is not yet confirmed but it appears it will be released sometime in April 2017. Stay tuned to Fitness Informant for more news on Endless by Inspired Nutraceuticals.

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