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Kaged Muscle Rebranding To Kaged, Including New Elite Pre-Workout

By December 8, 2021No Comments
Kaged Muscle

You may have noticed some changes to Kaged Muscle Supplements social media channels lately, but the brand has shortened their name to Kaged. This is not just a social media play, Kaged Muscle Supplements is now known as Kaged.

In an effort to be more than just "muscle" the brand decided to shorten the name to appeal to a larger audience. Kaged has been a go-to supplement line by athletes in the past, and is a key part of their future with their focus on banned substance free formulas using only high quality ingredients at efficacious dosages. 

One of the first new products to feature the new name and the new look branding will be Pre-Kaged Elite. Pre-Kaged Elite will be a completely new workout from Kaged featuring a new, upgarded formula. No timetable on Pre-Kaged Elites launch yet.

More on this new re-brand and products coming soon to FI.

Final Takeaway

Good for Kaged to overhaul some things and make a splash. They have always had good formulas, but the one thing I thought the brand was lacking as excitement and innovation - sexy innovation. I don't mean that as a knock as Outlive greens is solid, but you get the biggest splash in these performance categories. We are excited about the direction and think Kaged can carve out their own niche.

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