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Unbound Supplements Launching Unlock Fat Burning Capsules

By December 6, 2021No Comments
FIt Butters
Unbound Supplements Unlock Caps

Unbound Supplements isn’t taking their Nomination for 2021 New Brand of the Year in the Fitness Informant Supplement Awards as a stopping point in the year. The brand has announced that they are launching a capsule version of their popular powder pre-workout Unlock.

Unbound Supplements Unlock LabelUnlock powder uses branded ingredients like Paradoxine, MitoBurn, Cocoabuterol, InnoSlim, RhodioPrime and ZumXR. While many brands may make changes to ingredients or dosages when it comes to a more “convenient” version of an effective fat burner, Unbound Supplements does not make any changes to ingredients. There is only one small change from the powder version (2-scoop) and the new capsule version. Unbound Supplements had to reduce the amount of Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) from 2,000mg to 1,000mg.

Literally every other ingredient is the same between the two versions at identical dosages. This is quite impressive to see but not surprising since Unbound Supplements is backed by NutraBio.

The new Unlock capsules will become available on the week of December 12th. No confirmed date yet.

Be sure to follow our social media channels to the announcement of the release date.

Final Takeaway

Pretty damn cool to see Mark Glazier make sure the team makes an identical formula, essentially, to the powder version. I have always said that I prefer powder over caps since you generally get a better dosage of key ingredients. Unbound Supplments pretty much just took that argument and said "eff that". Good for them!

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