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Merica Energy Announces Alpine Pew Pew As Next Flavor

By September 22, 2021No Comments
Merica Energy Alpine Pew Pew

Merica Energy's return to the market in 2021 injected a lot of excitement into the RTD category. It featured a new look, new flavors and a new attitude. The brand is riding that wave after selling out their first runs by adding in a new flavor to the family.

Alpine Pew Pew, a citrus flavor, is set to join the family in October 2021. Alpine Pew Pew is one of the flavors Merica Labz uses on their performance powder line that is very popular.

Like the other Merica Energy drinks, Alpine Pew Pew will contain 200mg Caffeine and will be sugar-free, calorie free and contain no sugars.

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Final Takeaway

After kicking off in the summer of 2021 with new flavors and the returning Victory flavor (which I think is the best tasting energy drink on the market) Merica Energy is added another "soda" flavored drink, which I am stoked about! I am excited to try this one because there is just an abundance of fruity flavors, although you can argue citrus if fruity, I see it more as a soda flavor. Stay tuned for a full flavor (one sip) review.

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