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Performax Labs Reveals Supplement Facts Panel Behind New Loaded VasoMax

By September 24, 2021No Comments
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Performax Labs VasoMax

A week after Performax Labs launched HyperMax-3D the brand announced it was going to launch a reformulated version of VasoMax. Performax Labs has now officially revealed the supplement facts panel behind the new VasoMax. Spoiler: it is loaded.

Performax Labs VasoMax Supplement FactsThe new VasoMax seemingly puts every popular branded pump ingredient in the past 5 years into the formula, less exogenous nitrates. The formula starts out with the hero ingredient of 3DPUMP-Breakthrough at 6g. This is the same exact dosage that is found in HyperMax-3D. 3DPUMP-Breakthrough is a unique blend of Citrulline, Glycerol and Amla to enhance pumps in people. The 6g dosage is the recommended dosage of 3DPUMP-Breakthrough. When combined with HyperMax-3D the user will be getting 12g. It should be noted that for every 6g serving of 3DPUMP-Breakthrough the user is getting 3g of pure Citrulline.

The next ingredient is Taurine at a 2g dosage. This aids in helping regulate electrolytes and hydrations. This ultimately leads to increased liquid (water) into the muscles. A 2g dosage of Taurine is double the traditional 1g dosage.

Nitrosigine, a branded ingredient from Nutrition 21, is dosed at the full clinical dosage of 1,500mg. This dosage in studies proved to provide the best benefit when it came to nitric oxide levels in the human body.

Normally we see brands add either Nitrosigine or VASO6 to formulas, but very rarely do we see both. Performax Labs also adds 300mg of VASO6, a proven pump enhancing ingredient proven to increase nitric oxide levels.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is used at 250mg. This is strictly for hydration purposes. In addition, Performax Labs adds 200mg L-Glutathione. Glutathione has been shown to slow down the breakdown of nitric oxide levels in the body. The idea here is to keep those NO levels as high as possible for as long as possible. It is unclear if this is a proven dosage for this mechanism, but research has shown Glutathione to be effective at 250mg for its anti-aging properties.

For good measure Performax Labs adds 50mg S7. S7 is a pump ingredient also used in HyperMax-3D that is a unique blend of 7 plant based ingredients designed to increase NO levels by up to 230%.

AstraGin is used at 50mg to aid in absorption.

Overall, this formula is loaded in terms of “new age” branded ingredients. You may not find another pump product on the market today that is loading their pump with non-nitrate ingredients to this level.

No word on when this drops officially, but stay tuned to FI for more info!

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Final Takeaway

This thing is loaded. I am a huge fan of nitrates so I would prefer them over anything, but to see this formula use full clinical dosages of Nitrosigine, VASO6, 3DPUMP-Breakthrough and S7 means they really don't want to leave this product with any excuses. I can vouch that the pumps with this, combined with HyperMax-3D, are very juicy - meaning they actually hurt. Once we get the full tub we will do a formal review, but even after two beta samples, I was loving this new VasoMax.

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