MuscleSport To Launch Italian Rainbow Cookie Lean Whey

MuscleSport has really outdone themselves now, and have once again proven that they are one of the most innovative brands. Of course, as the title states, MuscleSport will be launching an Italian Rainbow Cookie flavor… just in time for the holidays. 

Not only does this have everyone excited, MuscleSport has some more good news. The brand also has some more good news. Also in time for the holiday season, they will also be launching a Pumpkin Spice flavor. While not the first brand, if any is going to taste good, it will be this one. 

Some more awesome news, Lean Whey will also be brining back their popular Xmas Cookie Dough flavor, which was a fun flavor last year, and was met with happy customers. So we have some new, as well as a popular comeback. Needless to say, Lean Whey has impressed us once again this year, and we can’t wait to see what these guys will be offering for Black Friday.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news from MuscleSport.

Final Takeaway

This is awesome, and we fully look forward to trying this out ourselves. While I have never had an Italian Rainbow Cookie, I look forward to trying this one, as the flavor is certainly going to taste good, no matter what it will resemble... yes that is how much faith I put in MuscleSport's flavoring.

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