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USN Teases New Version of 3XT

USN is back, and this time, they are teasing us. Their 3XT pre0workout looks to be getting an update here in the near future. 

3XT Pump is a powerful pre-workout, and really hits hard. However, it looks as if USN will be making changes to the line, and from what we can see in the shadowy image they showed off today, that their will be a “Power” version of 3XT coming in the near future. We are not sure if 3XT will be reformulating what they have, making a new pre-workout, but from the looks of it, 3XT will have an updated product look.

While we don’t have any info on the profile, be sure to stay tuned for more when we find out. 

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Final Takeaway

3XT Pump is a preworkout that hits hard, and it's nice to see USN still here coming out with new products. While we look forward to seeing what they come out with here, hopefully the old 3XT Pump will be getting a new look as well. When we have more info, we will inform of course.

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