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MuscleSport Launches Baja Splash Carnishred + MitoBurn Liquid

By November 17, 2023No Comments
FIt Butters
MuscleSport Carnishred

MuscleSport is adding their popular flavor, Baja Splash, to their newest innovation of Carnishred + MitoBurn. Carnishred + MitoBurn is available now in four flavors, Baja Splash, Big City Apple, Rainbow Candy and Northern Lights.

MuscleSport + MitoBurn is a 16oz liquid fat burning serum fueled by 2,000mg Carnitine, 250mg MitoBurn, 15mg GBB, 5mg CaloriBurn and 1.5 CapsiAtra.

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Final Takeaway

This is a convenient way to get in some key ingredients prior to fasted cardio, or even to accompany your pre-workout supplement that can aid in increasing body temperature and thermogenisis. Baja Splash is a great flavor in the powders; we will post a one sip review once we receive it on our official Instagram channel.

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