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MuscleSport Launches Fruits & Greens

By November 8, 2022No Comments
MuscleSport Fruits & Greens

Fruits & Greens Revolution is finally here from MuscleSport. The brand has officially launched two flavors of their fruits and greens powder with a third flavor on the way.

MuscleSport Fruits & Greens Revolution will launch in Peach Mango and PineApple Splash flavors. A third flavor, Chocolate, will follow soon,

MuscleSport Fruits & Greens will contain pre and probiotics. It will also be sweetened via Stevia, not sucralose making.

All flavors will be vegan friendly.

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Final Takeaway

I have yet to try these, but knowing the flavor guru behind the hat, these should be some of the best tasting greens powders on the market today. The Stevia thing may be something that throws off flavor - I don't love Stevia - but I trust the process.

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