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Axe & Sledge Partners with Warner Brothers to Launch Elf Inspired Flavors

By November 8, 2022No Comments
Axe & Sledge X Elf

Axe & Sledge has inked a deal with Warner Brothers to launch three Elf inspired flavors of Farm Fed protein. The brand revealed the partnership via their official instagram. The Axe & Sledge X Elf flavors of Farm Fed will launch on 11/14/22.

The Elf inspired flavors will be White Chocolate Spice, Maple Syrup on Pancakes and Peppermint Bark. Each flavor will contain 22g of protein per serving as well as DigeSEB digestive enzymes. These will be 30-serving containers.

Stay tuned for our official flavor reviews on our IG channel when we receive them.

Final Takeaway

We have not gotten these yet, but we are intrigued. I think it is cool. Axe & Sledge has done other collabs on the past (ICEE and Dip N Dots) but this is their first entertainment collaboration. We will start seeing more and more of these as Hollywood wants to get into this space. At the end of the day the success of this collaboration will come down to flavor - if it is good then it is a win. 

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