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MuscleSport Launching Patriot Cake Flavored Lean Whey

By July 1, 2022No Comments
patriot cake lean whey musclesport

At this time of the summer, we take pride in our great country and celebrate Independence Day with a fun, long weekend. This may arguably be America's favorite holiday! With the Fourth of July celebration coming, MuscleSport is joining America's celebration with the launch of Patriot Cake! 

The Supp Chef is known for his talent of amazing flavors for Lean Whey. We have definitely given credit where credit is due often in the past. This flavor is yet another addition to that list of great flavors! This is not the first time they have launched this flavor and that is for a good reason. Patriot Cake is available for a limited time. 

MuscleSport Lean Whey is a combination of whey protein isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein. It is definitely in the top for flavoring and mouth feel here at FI.

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Final Takeaway

It is rare for us to not like a flavor launched by MuscleSport, but in my opinion they always nail the cake type of flavors. This flavor is another win, joining a long list of flavors by the Supp Chef. Celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks and Lean Whey Patriot Cake! 

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