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NutraBio Amino Kick Launches Everywhere

NutraBio has officially launched their biggest product of the summer, Amino Kick. Amino Kick is an energy infused amino product that is designed to take to give you an extra pick-me-up in six different flavors.

NutraBio made a splash when the brand launched over 1,000 PR boxes promoting the launch of the new product. While at that time it was only available at retailers, customers can now get theirs at NutraBio's website.

Amino Kick will be available in Grape Berry Crush, Georgia Peach Tea, Blue Raspberry, Orange Mango, Passionfruit and Raspberry Lemonade.

As part of their 4th of July Holiday Sale, customers can save 20% on Amino Kick, no code necessary, discount applied at checkout. 

Use code FI to save 10%

Final Takeaway

A solid line-up by NutraBio to take on the "leader" in this space. Many other companies have tried, yet no one has done it. NutraBio being vertically integrated can manage costs making this a superior product to the "other" guys.

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