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AP Regimen Launches Birthday Cake & Blueberry Cobbler Prime Bites

AP Regimen AP Prime Bites

AP Regimen has made an impact in the on-the-go functional food game with their AP Prime Bites collagen infused brownies. The brand has seen national success at major retailers like Vitamin Shoppe and is looking to expand into major grocery chains as well. Building on their momentum, AP Regimen has launched two new flavors of their Prime Bites in Birthday Cake and Blueberry Cobbler.

Birthday Cake and Blueberry Cobbler Prime Bites are going to feature 16g of protein per brownie (blondie) and 5g of collagen. Much like their other flavors, Birthday Cake and Blueberry Cobbler will feature a soft texture with bold flavors that has gained them national success.

Both Birthday Cake and Blueberry Cobbler AP Prime Bites are available now via AP's website.

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Final Takeaway

We got to beta test these when they were going through R&D, really liked both. After receiving the final production run they both turned out better than the bench samples. Birthday Cake has a nice sweet flavor to it. Blueberry Cobbler has just a hint of blueberry, but not overbearing. If you are a fan of protein brownies, these are a nice add.

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