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AP Regimen Pumpkin Spice Brownies Now Available for a Limited Time

By September 15, 2022No Comments
AP Prime Bites Pumpkin Spice

AP Regimen is in the seasonal spirit with the official launch of their limited edition Pumpkin Spice collagen protein brownie. Vitamin Shoppe launched the flavor weeks ago, but it is now officially available on AP Regimen's website for purhcase.

AP Regimen president Brian Ikalina confirms that this will be a limited edition run. "We made a limited amount of these. Once they are gone, they are gone."

Pumpkin Spice AP Prime Bites feature 17g of protein, 5g of that being a collagen protein.

Pumpkin Spice is the latest unique flavor to come to the brand following Purple Velvet. Pumpkin Spice has soft pumpkin flavor notes with a soft texture that customers will enjoy.

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Final Takeaway

These are really good. I am not much of a pumpkin guy, so I enjoy the subtle pumpkin flavor. Danielle on the other hand loves pumpkin and is a big fan of these. You can see our one bite review over at our official instagram channel!

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