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KLOUT PWR Launches New Karma Nootropic Pre-Workout

By September 15, 2022No Comments

The fairly new brand KLOUT PWR has been making some noise in the sports nutrition space with the revamping, reformulating and relaunching of existing and new products. The brand has put their focus, pun intended, on their latest product release, Karma. Karma is KLOUT PWR's nootropic focused pre-workout.

KLOUT PWR Karma is powered by exogenous nitrates in NO3-T for increased blood flow, but also key nootropic ingredients in Nutrition 21's nooLVL and Thinkamine. The pre-workout will be available in three flavors, Poison Apple, Arctic Cherry and Juicy Burst. Each container of KLOUT PWR Karma will feature 20-servings.

Karma from KLOUT PWR will be at a cost effective price of $46 a unit. That is just over $2 a serving, which is on-par, if not better priced than many pre-workouts on the market today. You can use a discount code on that as well to save a few more dollars.

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Final Takeaway

This is on its way to us here at the FI HQ. We're excited to try it. The formula is simple, but appears to be effective. It combines the two things I love: nitrates and nootropics. It also has 275mg caffeine, so nothing too crazy high so the nitrates can work effectively while giving you enough to work with the nootropics to aid in that mind/muscle connection.

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