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UNBOUND Launches 3DPUMP Featuring 3DPUMP Breakthrough

By September 16, 2022No Comments

UNBOUND Supplements is one of very few supplement brands on the market today offering the new 3D PUMP Breakthrough ingredient in any product, let alone an essentially standalone supplement. UNBOUND Supplements revealed today their new 3D PUMP Unleashed product featuring 3D PUMP Breakthrough, a combination of Citrulline, Amla Extract and Glycerol; salt and AstraGin.

Recent studies had shown that other 3D PUMP products on the market did not meet the label claim of 6g 3D PUMP Breakthrough. UNBOUND Supplements made sure that is not the case with 3DPUMP Unleashed.

3DPUMP Unleashed is a 10-capsule serving size. Each container consists of 20-servings.

Each serving of 3DPUMP Unleashed contains a full 6g 3DPUMP Breakthrough, 250mg Himalayan Pink Sea Salt and 50mg Astragin.

Each jar of 3DPUMP Unleashed will retail for $29.99.

Use code INFORMANT to save 10%

Final Takeaway

I like the use of 3DPUMP Breakthrough. I was lucky enough to beta test this before it went to major sports nutrition brands.  This is an easy add on to any stim or non-stim pre-workout that will help improve blood flow and overall muscle pumps.

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