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UNBOUND Launches Single Ingredient Products

By February 18, 2022No Comments
UNBOUND Supplements

UNBOUND Supplements, which took home our 2021 New Brand of the Year award starts their 2022 campaign with the launch of single ingredients targeting muscle gains and fat loss.

UNBOUND Supplements has launched GBB, Epicatechin and Grains of Paradise. Both GBB and Grains of Paradise are effective ingredients used in fat burners. Epicatechin is a myostatin inhibitor which allows the body to gain muscle. 

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Final Takeaway

These are nice single ingredients that you can add into other products you already take. Maybe you want GBB in your fat burner, grab this and toss it in (for the record I love GBB). Taking a Test booster? Use Epicatechin in addition to it.

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