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Glazed AP Prime Bites Have Arrived

Alpha Prime Prime Bites Glazed Brownies

The long wait is finally over. Alpha Prime Supplements, the brand that brought us Prime Bites protein brownies have officially launched their two delicious glazed flavors.

Chocolate Glazed Donut and Glazed Cinnamon Role protein brownies are available now to purchase. Each brownie contains 19g of protein and are gluten free.

As part of the launch special, the brand is offering 20% off when you buy four boxes of the new glazed protein brownies.

Final Takeaway

We got to try these several weeks ago, and they are fantastic. We don't love using the term "best" but all-in-all we think these are the best brownies on the market and one of the best tasting protein snacks ever created.

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Alpha Prime Prime Bites Glazed Brownies

Glazed AP Prime Bites Have Arrived

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