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NTel Nutra Arez Slime Is Here [VIDEO Included]

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NTel Nutra owned the summer with the launch of Arez Supra. This was a highly anticipated pre-workout from the brand that brought us Arez Mega (God of the Gym) and Arez Titanium. Arez Supra was a different take on the pre-workout that consumers were used too.

Arez Supra promoting amazing pumps, good energy and focus. The Arez that people have come to know tend to be higher stim, so Supra was received with mix reactions. We personally like it the best out of the Arez lineup because the pump is what you seek in the gym. Arez Supra used unique ingredients to promote the pump like no other Arez had before.

NTel Nutra is a brand of the people, and they listened to their fans and their consumers. The brand decided to slightly reformulate. Let us introduce you to Arez Slime.

Arez Slime LabelArez Slime features a similar label to Arez Supra, with some key changes. The brand still wanted to give an epic pump, but they are now doing so through the use of exogenous nitrates in Betaine Nitrate as NO3-T. You get 1.5g per serving. The prior version used Supra-Thorn, containing Hawthorn Berry. The updated version also uses a new mushroom blend called SuperShroom. The Supra formula used PeakO2. SuperShroom includes Maitake Mushroom, something PeakO2 doesn’t contain. The updated formula uses Citrulline versus Citrulline Malate. We still get the addition of the pump producing ingredient Watermelon Powder.

NTel also brought up the stimulants to ensure that Arez Slime hits harder than Supra, a request from fans. We can attest that this version of Arez does hit harder than Supra while still providing great pumps and focus.

NTel Arez Slime is now available for purchase.

NTel Nutra Arez Slime

Fitness Informant POV

We were big fans of Supra, but even bigger fans of Slime. The taste is solid, as it is a mix of strawberry lime with a hint of coconut. The effectiveness is solid too. We can vouch that the energy was dialed up in Slime versus Supra without impacting the pump. In fact, the pump might be better. We still get great focus and solid endurance.

We got to try Arez Slime for 10 workouts. We are a big fan of the formula. Sign-up above for an alert when the full review becomes available.

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