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Sparta Nutrition Develops Authentic Industry First Scratch & Sniff Labels

By October 29, 2019No Comments
FIt Butters
Sparta Nutrition Scratch and Sniff Labels

Sparta Nutrition is hitting store shelves in a new, innovative way. Sparta Nutrition has announced its upcoming product launches will feature the industry's first authentic scratch and sniff labels. On top of the scratch and sniff labels, the brand announced new product launches will also feature authentic flavor collaborations.

Consumer engagement seems to be at the heart of the decision from Sparta Nutrition:

“In a crowded industry with an exceedingly low-barrier to entry, we decided to take a step back, and really evaluate what we want to accomplish with Sparta. In the age of transparency, we know we deliver on premier formulations and delicious flavors. What’s next? How do we truly engage with our consumers?,” said Murtaza Khawaja, CEO of Sparta Nutrition.

While many brands have done a great job of engaging the senses of sight and touch, no brand has yet to engage smell with their packaging. 

“We wanted to focus on achieving a premium sense of touch through several different finishes and varnishes on our labels, but that wheel has been spun several times over,” said Jon Corallo, Creative Director, at Sparta Nutrition. “The brand is nostalgic, fun, and creative; I wanted to elevate our core values in an unique and industry first application while activating a new sense: smell”.

The new Sparta Nutrition products featuring the scratch and sniff labels are set to launch in December. 

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Fitness Informant's POV

I had a chance to preview these back in the summer when I visited the Sparta Nutrition HQ during my east coast tour. This is a unique new approach to engage the consumer at shelf that I think it really unique. For the first time ever a consumer can pick up a unit of their favorite pre-workout or protein and smell what you would smell when you take the cap off. If Sparta continues to have a large presence in retailers like GNC this is going to do very well for them.

Consumer engagement is the focus of innovation for many brands today. It's a chance to differentiate your brand from the crowded field. Sparta is trying something completely new, and honestly, it is needed.

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