NutraBio Launches Maca Lepidamax Designed to Improve Male Performance


NutraBio is staying ahead of the curve. With the industry using more and more trademarked/patented ingredients, NutraBio has decided to release a Maca product containing a new ingredient called Lepidamax.

Lepidamax is an ingredient from Nutrition21, the same company that makes Nitrosigine and NooLVL. Maca is mostly used as a supplement to improve sexual function, as well as increase energy. 

With both companies excelling in quality, it just makes sense that these two companies have come together.  

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Final Takeaway

NutraBio is ahead of the curve. Nutrition21 is ahead of the curve.... this all makes sense. We have tested this out a bit ourselves, just not consistently. Either way, for those who like Maca, this is certainly worth grabbing and giving a shot.

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