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NutraBio Launches Strawberry Pastry Extreme Mass

Extreme Mass Strawberry Pastry

NutraBio keeps coming on strong in 2019 with the announcement of Strawberry Pasty Extreme Mass. Strawberry Pastry will join Vanilla and Chocolate as the third flavor in the line.

Extreme Mass is a 6lb container featuring 53g Protein, 99g Carbs and 6g Fat per serving. One servings is 4-scoops which leads to ~16 servings per container.

You can get the new flavor of Extreme Mass now on NutraBio's website.

Fitness Informant's POV

NutraBio is KILLING it with their flavor game in 2019. This product particularly sounds delicious AF. I have not had a good strawberry powder before, at least that I can recall. This flavor makes me want to try it...but I need to wait until my next bulk stage.

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