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Olympus Labs Announces Levels, A New Pre-Workout from the Brand

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Olympus Labs Levels

Olympus Labs has announced the Levels, a new fully transparent from the innovative company featuring seven branded ingredients. Olympus Labs announcement of Levels comes about a week after they announced No Mercy, their new non-stim pump product featuring S7.

Levels from Olympus Labs will also feature the new look and design of Olympus Labs, who has publicly announced they are going after a millennial/gen x target group with more of lifestyle branding. Levels is the second product to feature this new look.

Levels LabelOutside of the branding, which many people love, the label of Levels is different than what is currently on the market. Levels will be a 2-scoop serving size featuring 20-servings. Levels will feature a large portion of their ingredients dedicated to the pup. Each serving will include 5g L-Citrulline. This is the top of the clinical dosing for Citrulline which is a precursor to Arginine in the body which improves blood flow through the production of Nitric Oxide. GlycerPump is used for the first time in a Olympus Labs product at a dose of 2g. This is a form of Glycerol Powder that essentially allows your muscles to withhold more water causing a pump and prolonged endurance. Vaso6 from Compound Solutions is used at the accepted dosage of 300mg. This, per Compound Solutions, increases your body’s NO levels. S7 is the last ingredient used for pumps at the dosage of 50mg.

For energy and focus, Olympus Labs introduces Dynamine for the first time in one of their products. Dynamine is similar to TeaCrine but it hits slightly harder and quicker. Dynamine is dosed at the appropriate level of 104mg. This pairs well with the 300mg that tags along with Dynamine. Cognizin Citicoline is used at 250mg. Cognizin delivers a patented form of citicoline that supplies your brain with the energy it needs to stay sharp. Studies have been conducted on both 250mg and 500mg, both proven to improve brain function. KannaEase, an ingredient seen in virtually all Olympus Labs pre-workout products, is dosed at 25mg which is used to relieve anxiety and stress, allowing you to focus more. 

AstraGin, a branded ingredient for absorption, is dosed at 50mg.

The launch date and number of flavors are still to be determined. More to come.

Fitness Informant’s POV

One quick glance at this label and it got me excited. First, Olympus Labs didn’t do a stim blend with Levels, they made it fully transparent. Second, they are using clinical dosages of EVERY ingredient on this label. These ingredients are not cheap. This will be a pump/energy/focus pre-workout that does not have any ingredients for endurance or strength. I, personally, am OK with that. What I also like is that the stims used are not going to be counterintuitive to the pump ingredients, so you will get good energy focus AND a great pump.

I am excited for this to launch. I will try to get my hands on a pre-release to share with you all before the launch date. 

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