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Outright Bar’s Newest Flavor Revealed

New Outright Bar Smores

Marc Lobliner continues to expand his all-family protein bar, and our #1 rated protein bar Outright Bar, with the addition of its 6th flavor. Lobliner has confirmed that Outright Bar’s 7th flavor will be S’mores! S’more will be a peanut butter base bar featuring 15g of protein per bar from real ingredients.

S'more Outright Bar

S’mores Outright Bar should be launched around the end of July/early August depending on production timing. Marc Lobliner indicated that it may be the best flavor Outright Bar yet.

Marc also confirmed that the brand is working on other nut butter based bars for those seeking an alternative to peanut butter.

Fitness Informant’s POV

I love this. Why? Before I pursued FI full-time I was a brand manager for Cascadian Farm. We were a natural and organic brand owned by General Mills. We had a peanut butter base plant-protein bar. I renovated those bars to include more protein, and I also was adding a flavor. I wanted so badly to add s’mores as I thought it would fit well with peanut butter. Leadership told me no. Marc Lobliner just proved to me that it would have worked!

I am a fan of the Outright Bar on so many levels. It is not targeted to the bodybuilding niche, which means families are going to buy these for their kids. They are nut butter base with complimentary ingredients that go well together for great taste and texture. This is why they are #1 rated on our Protein Bar Rankings Guide

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