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RYSE Project Blackout Is Here!

RYSE Project Blackout Labels Released

It's here! The highly anticipated Project Blackout from RYSE Supplements is available for purchase.

RYSE Supplements Project Blackout features two new formulas, with one being a completely new category for the brand. The formulas are more intense than what the brand has released in the past. Project Blackout is a new pre-workout and the brand's first ever pump powder.

Project Blackout pre-workout and pump powder are not meant to stack with one another, but meant to stack with the white version (ex: Project Blackout Pump w/ White Pre-Workout). Both products feature NO3-T nitrates for pump plus full clinical dosages of key ingredients.

For a full breakdown of the label you can click here.

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Fitness Informant's POV

I said this when the labels were released last week, these are two really good formulas. The original white pre-workout is one of the better pre-workouts we've used recently and really killed it on focus. The one category the brand was missing was a non-stimulant pump powder. That has officially changed. 

Not only do these labels look cool, but the LABELS are cool (as in the ingredients). We are looking forward to trying these both, and once we do we will bring you a full breakdown and review to FI and our YouTube channel.

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