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Performax Labs Launches Hyper 3D Pre-Workout Shot

Hyper 3D

The newest product launch, and product category, for Performax Labs is here. Hyper3D, the brand's first pre-workout shot, has officially launched in two flavors: Peach Mango and Papaya Pineapple.

The new pre-workout shot from Performax Labs is the first pre-workout shot to contain a clinical dosage of 3DPUMP Breakthrough. The formula contains 6g of 3DPUMP Breakthrough, which in a recent study performed as well as 8g Citrulline without the side effects (GI issues). It also contains 300mg caffeine anhydrous and a big dosage of B-Vitamins, all packed into a 2oz container.

Users can get the new Hyper3D in either Peach Mango or Papaya Pineapple.

Final Takeaway

At first I was like, "huh?" However, after trying it I can actually say it is pretty damn good. Sometimes less is more, and with 300mg caffeine, 6g 3DPUMP Breakthrough and B-Vitamins, it is a nice little (2oz) ride to a great workout. I see these at check stands at retailers (by the checkout) and at gyms. Go check them out and let us know what you think!

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