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Man’s New Best Friend: AstroFlav Elevated Testosterone Booster

Astroflav Elevated

AstroFlav has taken 2023 by storm with not only the launch of this new outstanding brand, but with the release of the highly anticipated and highly researched Elevated Testosterone Booster. 

AstroFlav has taken the time and put in the work to develop a testosterone booster that will be man's new best friend along with his K9 of course. Runnning through several clinical scientific studies AstroFlav made sure their testosterone booster would stand among the rest. Ensuring the male consumer would feel confident in their purchase of this testosterone booster, and not having to worry about just getting a placebo effect of taking a highly marketed test booster. AstroFlav offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their product as they fully believe in the formula they have created.

AstroFlav Elevated Supplement Facts

In over-the-counter testosterone boosters it is very common to see the same usage of ingredients in several different brands formulas, as these ingredients have been around for years in correlation to raising natural testosterone. AstroFlav has taken this approach with using a couple common ingredients but also adding their own twist of adding in clinically studied ingredients that are not very commonly used to make their formula unique and one to stand among the rest. 

AstroFlav Elevated SFPAstroFlav has gone above and beyond in their approach of this natural testosterone booster, the first ingredient stand out is Fadogia agrestis Extract dosed at 1,200mg. In several studies and articles dosing Fadogia agrestis has been commonly dependent on body weight. This range has been found to be anywhere between 500mg -1800mg dependent on body weight. Astroflav has found the sweet spot of 1,200mg dosing to make sure it is safe to use but also still effective. The benefit of using Fadogia agrestis in clinical trials of a five day period has been shown to help increase blood testosterone concentration, male enhancement, and masculine behavior. An ingredient perfect for those who suffer from hypotestosteronemia.

Continuing on with this potent formula AstroFlav adds a very widely known patented ingredient KSM-66 Ashwagandha, a highly concentrated form of ashwagandha at the actual clinical trial dosage of 600mg. The benefits for of KSM-66 is very wide as it can be shown to help with stress, increase muscle mass, and even female sexual health. However, in relationship to male usage KSM-66 in clinical trials has been shown to help increase testosterone, increase strength, and muscle mass. As in the trials comapred to the placebo group individuals using KSM-66 had had significantly greater reduction of exercise-induced muscle damage as indicated by the stabilization of serum creatine kinase. 

Astroflav has made not only this formula to help increase the male’s testosterone, sexual drive, but also a male’s general well-being. Including Velvet Bean extract at 600mg, this ingredient has been shown to help increase dopamine levels even at as little of a 5mg dosage over a 3-month period to help increase mood and well-being. The unique part of the usage of this ingredient is that it may also increase plasma testosterone levels due to the increase dopamine. As dopamine stimulates testosterone synthesis and plays a vital role in maintaining the male reproductive system.

Making this the ultimate product for a male AstroFlav also includes the very common and effective ingredient Tongkat Ali (Long Jack). Normally suggested to use 200-400mg a day AstroFlav supplies you with a 300mg dosing, to help increase total testosterone, reduced fatigue, and improved quality of life in aging men.  This ingredient has been found to be effective in as little as 2 weeks of consistent usage.

Wrapping up this potent formula, we find the hidden gem ingredient Luteolin dosed at 75mg. This ingredient in studies have been a rare find as this ingredient in some cases have been used to help with treatment of low T levels in men. With being deemed a “Powerful” estrogen blocker Luteolin seems to be able to block the receptors that lead to aromatase, or the conversion of Testosterone into estrogen.

Finally, wrapping up the formula when combine a very powerful profile of ingredients you want to make sure you fully utilize them as AstroFlav has included Astragin and Bioprene. Using this combination of ingredients can helps with anti-inflammatory properties, gut health, activating your mTor pathway response, and increase the bioavailability of your nutrients.

Final Takeaway

Finding a full spectrum natural testosterone booster that actually works and has clinical backing has been hard to find in today's market without paying an arm and a leg for it. Just short of using Testosterone Replacement Therapy it is hard for a male to find something as promising or effective. Being a reasonably priced natural testosterone booster, with muscle strength and size benefit this product will soon become one that I will have to incorporate in my daily stack of supplements. 

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